Terminal Sickness - Part 1

A story driven text adventure following a mother's survival after the outbreak of a global pandemic.

Basic Commands

		attack         - attack an agent with a held weapon
		give           - give a held item to an agent
		go             - travel to a location or through an exit
		interact       - interact with a structure
		inventory      - show inventory
		look           - look at a location, item, structure or agent
		pick up / drop - pick up or drop an item
		restart        - restart the game (current progress will be lost)
		save / load    - save or load the state of the game
		search         - search a structure for hidden items
		talk           - talk to another agent
		unlock / lock  - unlock or lock an exit with a held key
		use            - use an item

Designer / Developer

Andy Turner


Adam Nellis
Alan Stephens
Becky Naylor
Dan Lees
Ed Clark
Edgar Buchanan
James Lloyd
James Wilson
Katherine Hughes
Matt Rowllings
Nick Moriarty
Nils Morozs
Naomi Gildert
Rachel Hughes
Richard Redpath
Sam Bourke
Stu Lacy
Vicky Inge


Anguish - Kevin MacLeod CC BY 3.0
Better Days - Bensound.com
Clean Soul - Kevin MacLeod CC BY 3.0
Colorless Aura - Kevin MacLeod CC BY 3.0
Gymnopedie No. 3 - Kevin MacLeod CC BY 3.0
Lost Time' Kevi - MacLeod CC BY 3.0
Man Down - Kevin MacLeod CC BY 3.0
Myst on the Moor - Kevin MacLeod CC BY 3.0
November - Bensound.com
Ofelias Dream - Bensound.com
Pepper's Theme - Kevin MacLeod CC BY 3.0
Ritual - Kevin MacLeod CC BY 3.0
River flows in you - Alexander Blu
Sad Day - Bensound.com
Thunderbird - Kevin MacLeod CC BY 3.0

Turnaround games permits worldwide royalty-free irrevocable commercial-use license to utilise any and all audiovisual content of this game for the explicit purpose of review/criticism/commentary in any medium/website now known and/or developed in the future.


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This is the most fun I've had in a while. Thank you, good sir! Also, may I ask what engine did you build this with?

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That you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! It's what it's all about :) I didn't use an engine, it's all my own creation :) I'm very much a do it from scratch kind of guy


That makes it all the more precious! Congratulations and here's hoping to see more of you in the future! :D 


What a game to play right now.

I had a lot of fun with this, good job! I will say it would be nice to see what ground you already covered by coloring visited places a different color(though some might say it's a "comfort feature").  Also having to specify what key you have to open a door with each time was kinda frustrating, but I don't know if that's a convention for this type of game.

Overall, it's really solid, and I'll be looking forward to Part 2!

I'm really gad you enjoyed it! Thanks :D The idea to color where you've been is really good. I may do just that in future games :)

Love the dark humour and achievements! Similar in that way to Reigns. Gonna try a few things out, really enjoying it so far!

Also what a great name!!

Thank you so much :) Glad you're enjoying it

It would be nice to be able to have a running stream of the text instead of the text box resetting, in case I forget what just happened. Meanwhile, I tried to morbidly enter:

fire shotgun at self

But sadly, it didn't work :( lol!

Thanks. Yes, I agree and a lot of people though the same. If I make another text adventure / update this one I may well do just that.

"fire shotgun at self" - haha, I very nearly implemented that as well :)

I have searched every room and have found no key for any room. any help?


Be sure to not only look at each object in a room, but also search each object. Furniture is a good bet. :)


Goz goes old school in this text based adventure in a apocalyptic world!

Check out more vids like this here!


I am trying out various different tactics to see how it changes things. Is there any hint you could give to me as to whether or not I can get Angus to stop following me? Like, stay somewhere? Or not go into certain rooms?


The only way to stop him following you is rather permanent... If your hinting at what I think you are hinting at, I'm afraid that part always happens. Hope your enjoying it :)


I am greatly enjoying this, thank you! I kinda figured it would turn out that way, but oh well. Thanks for this great game. The engine runs really smoothly, well done.


Thank you so much :D

Can you get stuff back from Angus once you have given something to him?

You can, but only by killing him... so it depend how much you want it back

Hmm. I'll have to restart then.


I'm liking it so far - tip for other players - `get` also works for `pick up`

Thank you! 

Yes, most of the action words and many of the items and structures have synonyms which also work. Hopefully it will know what you mean most of the time :)